Collectible Vocabulary Cards


Remember vocabularies while playing alone or with friends using Vocabulary Card Packs (or we would like to call it GENGOYA Card) .

GENGOYA Card has different themes for each pack.
You can use this pack to remember Japanese / English / Bahasa Indonesia.

  1. You can combine different packs
  2. Word list are behind the cover of every package.
  3. You can put it inside name card pockets.
  4. Keep the code within the package for future features!

How to Play 01

Old Maid

Recommended players : 3-4 players
Aim : Player who finishes his/her cards first wins.

Stack Red & Black cards separately, then shuffle each stack.

Spread TWO Black and TWO Red cards to each player.

Look for MATCHING cards on your hand.

Whenever you have a MATCHING cards, show it to everyone and say the word out loud. (this is important to help you remember!)

Take the matching cards out and put it open in front of you.
*Do not put the cards on top of each other, put it side by side so other players can see.

If you don’t have matching cards, take ONE Black and ONE Red card from the stack.

Once the stack runs out, start taking ONE Black and ONE Red card from the player before you.

Continue playing until someone finishes all his/her card. He/she is the winner!

Continue playing until one player remains, he/she is the loser!

How to Play 02

Pair Out

Recommended players : 1 – 4 players
Aim : Player who got most cards wins.

Place all Black & Red cards as shown in the illustration above (Make sure none of the cards is upside down).

Take ONE Black card and ONE Red card, then match it.

If you did not get a MATCH, put it back.

If you get a MATCH, take the cards and you get one more turn.

When you get a MATCH, always show it to everyone and say it out loud. (this is important to help you remember the word!)

Continue until all the cards are out, then count the matching cards. The player who has most MATCHES wins!

How to Play 03

Online Review

Recommended players : 1 player
Aim : Review yourself with App
Note : Facebook account required


How to Play 04


Recommended players : 2-5 players
Aim : Player who got most token wins.
Note : For those who speak English / Indonesian and want to remember Japanese words
Those who speak Japanese and want to learn English / Indonesian.

If you want to learn Japanese, use RED cards only. BLACK cards will be used as TOKENS.
If you want to learn English/Bahasa Indonesia, use BLACK cards only. RED cards will be used as TOKENS.

Choose one player as Jury. He/she will be in charge of dealing the cards and giving tokens. (Jury can also hold the word list provided in the package to check the answers.)

Jury starts by taking a card from stack and open it to everyone.

The players have to raise their hand if they think they can answer it. Jury then choose which player raised his/her hand first.

If his/her answer is right. Give him/her a token. If the answer is wrong, one token is TAKEN from him/her (unless token count is zero).

Continue until all the card is finished. He/she who has most tokens wins!

Know more



You can combine multiple packs of Tango Card.
All games can be done with unlimited amounts of cards. However, once it gets too many the games might get too long to play. In that case, you can customize your own deck with cards from multiple packs.

Word list for each pack is available on the back side of the packaging cover. Refer to it whenever you forget what is the translation to a word.

Every pack comes with a code. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. The code will be used to unlock future features. Online Review where you can play the cards online will come soon and it will use this code.