Method A

Try to remember all 5 words with 3 meanings each.

You will see two empty textboxes below every meaning. Please use it to re-type the bold part of the example sentence twice.



Going in circles

I decided to go to a shop I saw in the travel guidebooks by following a map. We walked around GURUGURU for about an hour in the same place in the city, but never could find it!


The amusement park rides went GURUGURU in circles at high speeds, which made me feel sick.


Because the class was very quiet during the exam, I got embarrassed when my stomach made a GURUGURU sound.




It’s a hot day and my throat is KARAKARA from practicing tennis outside. I need to drink some cold water or juice.


When I was a student, even though I worked part-time and got paid, I spent it right away. That’s why my wallet was always KARAKARA.

Desolate sound

I shook a pretty can I found on the table and it sounded KARAKARA inside. I opened the can and found a single piece of candy.




I think the women in shampoo commercials has beautiful SARASARA hair.

Smooth and dry

I went to Hokkaido, Japan to ski. There was a lot of powdery SARASARA snow on the slopes, and I felt that I became better at skiing in those conditions.

Writing very smoothly

I went to a popular singer’s concert. After the concert, there was an autograph session, and a long line of people wanted his autograph, but the singer signed them all SARASARA.




Flags go BATABATA in the strong wind.


At lunchtime, I always hears children running BATABATA in the hallway. It is noisy and dangerous, so I remind them to walk quietly in the corridor.

Swamped with chores or work

We moved into our new house yesterday. There were a lot of cardboard boxes of stuff in my room, and I spent the morning cleaning it up. I’m am mostly settled, but I’m still BATABATA cleaning up at night.




Ms. Hayashi lived in the UK for ten years when she was a child, so she can speak English PERAPERA.


Three high school girls got on the train. They were chatting PERAPERA for about 30 minutes from the time they got on to the time they got off. I was amazed that they had so much to talk about.

Flipping through a book

When I was a child, I used to love looking at a large encyclopedia that was kept at home. One time, when I was turning the pages PERAPERA, I found an old photograph inside.


If you think you have remembered everything, please close this window, back to the activity list, and proceed to the QUIZ.

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