Method A

Try to remember all 5 words with 3 meanings each.

You will see two empty textboxes below every meaning. Please use it to re-type the bold part of the example sentence twice.


In a city like Tokyo, we don’t see many stars at night. But if you go to the countryside, the sky is full of KIRAKIRA stars and it’s really beautiful.


I went to see a photography exhibition with photos of children from all over the world. All the children in the photos were so pretty, their eyes were KIRAKIRA and beautiful.


I bought a long KIRAKIRA dress with black fabric and lots of silver sequins to wear to my college graduation party.

Loud banging sound

A new road is being built near my house. The sound of construction makes a GANGAN noise every day.

Very angry

My high school baseball coach was a very strict man, and he would yell at me all GANGAN if I made even a small mistake.

Headache pain

I had a late drink with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time last night, so my head is going GANGAN this morning.


The house is right on the beach, so on a windy day the floor gets ZARAZARA on a windy day.

Not smooth

My grandmother, who will be 80 years old this year, has been working in the fields since she was young. So her grandchildren say, “Grandma’s hands are very ZARAZARA.”

Rough surface

When you touch this paper, the back feels ZARAZARA, and the smooth side is on the front.




When I was in elementary school, I thought my brother’s junior high school uniform was cool and tried it on. But it was not cool at all because it was too DABUDABU.


My father was slender when he was young, but after he turned 50, he became middle-aged and overweight, and his waist became DABUDABU.


On the day of the cleanup, when I carried a full bucket of water, the water went so DABUDABU that it almost spilled.



Feeling sick

When I was a primary school student, my father took me on a boat to go fishing for the first time. About an hour after leaving the harbor, the boat was rocking so much that I felt MUKAMUKA in my stomach.


After work, I went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant with my colleagues. We had too much BBQ and beer. It made my stomach go MUKAMUKA, and couldn’t sleep well.


When I was in elementary school, I used to play video games almost every day with my brother, who is two years younger than me. But I was MUKAMUKA that he would always beat me.


If you think you have remembered everything, please close this window, back to the activity list, and proceed to the QUIZ.

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