Beginner Bundle 初心者セット

Rp 400.000

GENGOYA’s Limited Package for beginners learning Japanese. This package contains:

1. First of all, use the “Hiragana Katakana Learning Kit” set to start memorizing basic Japanese characters!

2. Don’t forget to read the “Traveling Edition Book”, so you can imagine traveling to Japan and motivating your studies!

3. After that, increase your knowledge of Japanese vocabulary by memorizing the “Hyoujou (expression) Card” and “Doubutsu (animal) Card”.

4. While studying, place the “Kazoku Artprint” in a place that is easily visible, so that it is easier to remember how to call family members in Japanese!

5. Now, for “Tabemono Nomimono Poster”, place it near the dining table. Because it contains vocabulary for various Japanese foods! Yummy!

6. Finally, put on the “Nihongo Benkyouchuu” Enamel Pin which means “I’m studying Japanese”. Who knows, meet fellow Japanese students! 😉 – 頑 張 れ! Keep your spirits up!

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