What is Gengoya Study Club

Gengoya Study Club is something in between academic lesson and extra-curricular club activity with Japanese language and culture as the main topic. The club is prioritising the learner’s interest and utilising modern tools and context for the learning process. We aim for a balanced learning experience filled with good time, maintained motivation and academic learning.



Learn using Gengoya’s exclusive learning materials

Some of you might already know that our learning materials put heavy emphasis in illustration and design ( We will be using those learning materials in our sessions together with other conventional materials.

Even better, you will get those materials for FREE when joining the club.

Custom Course Based on Your Interest

We try to get to know you first then come up with a course plan that is suitable to your interest and study style. We believe each person is different and there is no study style that is perfect for everyone.

Study Percentage

We split Interest-based Context 60% and Academic Study 40% in our sessions. While this can mean to progress slower in terms of academic study, you will be on an exciting ride filled with cultural (interest) knowledge together with a small group of people. Sometimes we also have native guests that are related to the topic of interest to join our sessions.

Role-playing conversation practice

Ever wondered what to say when encountering a specific situation? Wished you know what to say on a past occurrence? Let’s create / re-create the situation and explore the appropriate conversation for that specific time!

Native guest conversation

Sometimes, we invite native Japanese speaker guest to our sessions. We try to invite a guest that is relevant to your interest so you can expand your knowledge in the field that you are interested with while practicing to use your Japanese at the same time.

Language gaming session

Many research has proven that interactivity can enhance learning process and games always contain one or more form of interactivity. We try to add productive language gaming activity in between our sessions to enhance communication skill while keeping the learning process going.

Fully Online

Our sessions are fully online using modern tools and softwares to fully utilise the benefit of being online.

Etc. その他

and other activities that might be applied to enhance your interest in the topic.


We believe that to be able to keep learning for a long period of time one needs to be motivated. Interest is one of the most common factors that keeps one motivated to learn, and our approach is leaning there. Without sacrificing your interest, we intend to teach and build a custom course that can go along with your interest while progressing at the same time.

In order to ensure you are making the best of our club, it is important to know your archetype. We have listed some archetypes that we think might be suitable / not-suitable with our program.

This club is
suitable for :

Type O1 : The Hobbyist

You have a specific hobby / interest related to Japan, but you feel that learning through conventional Japanese classes does not contribute to your interest.

Type O2 : The Traveller

You have been to Japan for travel, but wished you can at least speak to the people with Japanese. You want to go there again next time, but this time while speaking their language good enough for travelling.

Type O3 : The Laidback

You like Japan and its culture, however you don’t really like studying. You just want to have a good time, while still making progress in study.

Type O4 : The Study Ninja

You like to explore different methods in the art of studying. You like being open-minded and absorb as many techniques as you can, so you can decide later which one is your killer technique.

Type O5 : The Weirdo

People think your Japan-related interests are weird and you feel judged whenever you talk about it. You kinda know you are weird but you like it. You want a group to talk without being judged, while studying Japanese at the same time. As long as your interest respects other people and in accordance with the law, you are welcome in this club.

This club
might NOT be
Suitable for :

Type X1 : The Linguist

You care a too much about the correctness and accuracy of a language. Incorrect particle usage, grammatical error, or odd pronunciation give you nightmares. You want your way of speaking or writing Japanese to be a hundred percent correct and accurate.

Type X2 : The Achiever

You want to pass JLPT as quick as possible. You learn the language by literally learning the language.

Type X3 : The Certificate Collector

You want to collect as much certificate as you can so you can prove your skills to whoever needs to see it. Unfortunately this club does not provide formal certificates.

Type X4 : The Native Hunter

You want to be taught by a native speaker. While we do invite native guest in our sessions, the ones who are teaching are not. We want to argue though, that a foreign learner knows more about how a foreigner learns.


1. Based in Indonesia OR Japan

2. Able to speak Bahasa Indonesia OR English

3. Not more than N3 in JLPT.

4. Between 12 to 40 years old

5. Have access to a PC / Laptop with video-cam and microphone

6. Have the PC / Laptop already set and able to type in Japanese characters

7. Have Zoom installed

Time Slots

Morning Evening
Tuesday 6.30 PM
Wednesday 8.00 AM
Thursday 6.30 PM
Friday 8.00 AM
Saturday 8.00 AM
  • Time in WIB (GMT +7)


  • Rp 900.000,- per month.
  • 4 times lesson, 1.5 hours per lesson.
  • All learning materials will be provided by Gengoya and will be shipped to you.


Interested? Book a trial session!

You might be worried whether this club is for you or not. Don’t worry we are giving FREE one time 1 hour trial for you who are not sure!

Any question, please feel free to E-mail or Whatsapp us :

E-mail :

Whatsapp : 0811-2277-223‬ (Chandra)

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